“Ancient armies had three kinds of warriors. The first was cavalry—armed men on horseback or in chariots. The second was infantry—foot soldiers wearing armor and carrying swords and shields. The third were projectile warriors, or what today would be called artillery - archers and, most important, slingers. Slingers had a leather pouch attached on two sides by a long strand of rope. They would put a rock or a lead ball into a pouch, swing it around in increasingly  wider and faster circles, and then release one end of of the rope, hurling the rock forward. Projectile warriors were deadly against infantry because big lumbering soldiers weighed down with armor were sitting ducks for slingers launching projectiles from 100 yards away.

Slinging took an extraordinary amount of skill and practice. But in experienced hands, the sling was a devastating weapon. Paintings from Medieval times show  slingers hitting birds in mid flight. Irish slingers were said to be able to hit a coin from as far away as they could see it, and in the Old Testament of Judges, slingers are described as being accurate within a hair’s breadth. An experienced slinger could kill or seriously injure a target at a distance of up to 200 yards. Romans even had a special set of tongs made just to remove stones that had been embedded in some poor soldier’s body by a sling. Imagine standing in front of a major league pitcher as he aims a baseball at your head. That’s what facing a slinger was like - only what was being thrown was not a ball of cork but a solid rock.

Goliath was a heavy infantry man. He was no match for David, a slinger. Eitan Hirsch, a ballistics expert with the Israeli defense forces recently did a series of calculations showing that a typical size stone hurled by an slinger at 35 meters would have hit Goliath’s head with a velocity of 34 meters per second - more than enough to penetrate Goliath’s skull and render him unconscious. David would have slung and hit Goliath in a little more than one second. Goliath could not react fast enough to defend himself. He didn’t have a chance.”

“[A] sling has a leather pouch with two long cords attached to it, and ... a projectile, either a rock or a lead ball. ... It's not a child's toy. It's in fact an incredibly devastating weapon. ... If you do the calculations on the ballistics, on the stopping power of the rock fired from David's sling, it's roughly equal to the stopping power of a [.45 caliber] handgun. This is an incredibly devastating weapon. ... When David lines up ... he has every intention and every expectation of being able to hit Goliath at his most vulnerable spot between his eyes.”

The above quotes comes from a book titled, David and Goliath, by Malcolm Gladwell

If you can learn to sling your golf clubs even a bit like David slung his rock, your golf ball can accurately be knocked unconscious. It won’t have a chance!